Prof. Dr. Abdulaziz BAYINDIR has been active in the field of prayer times since 1978 and was also active in observations accomplished between 1988 and 1991 under the leadership of “The Presidency of Turkish Religious Affairs” (Diyanet). Later, he continued his research by making observations at every location he visited.
As the Centre of Research on Religion and Nature of the Süleymaniye Foundation, two visits were organized to the city of Tromso and Svalbard in Norway, being the northernmost settlements, i.e., nearest to the North Pole in 2011, which initiated a new way of determining the prayer times in light with the Quran without the need for a calendar or a watch. Currently, the research continues with researchers both in Turkey and abroad, particularly in countries at high latitudes.
Short video explaining the underlying idea [Turkish with English subtitles]
Fasting and Prayer Times In Polar Regions - Recorded in 2016
Prof. Dr. Abdulaziz BAYINDIR
Retired Professor in Islamic Jurisprudence at Istanbul University, President of Süleymaniye Foundation Center of Research on Religion and Nature
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